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The core of Fay Advisory’s activities for each assignment consists of drawing up a strategic, financing, investment or sales document, which contains forecasts for the coming 3-5 years as well as an extensive strategic and financial substantiation. The financial forecasts are made in consultation with management and combined in an operational model. The extensive financial analysis leads to well-founded advice from Fay Advisory on the best course of action for the company. When the course has been determined, the plan is plotted. Since management first discussed and calculated everything in detail with Fay Advisory, there are no more open ends. Management has been able to make well-considered decisions and go through possible critical questions before presenting its plan to, for example, a bank, buyer or investor. Because the document is drawn up very completely and in detail, it also offers the possibility to be used for internal purposes (eg a presentation to the General Meeting of Shareholders, Supervisory Board, employees).