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My name is Patricia Wateler. After my management traineeship at ING, I started working at Corporate Clients followed by Corporate Finance/Investment Banking at ING. After a period of 8 years I founded Fay Advisory in 2010 with the idea of being an:

Independent financial and strategic advisor with ample experience in project management, client advisory and transaction execution across various sectors. I have experience in and knowledge of a wide variety of key corporate matters, including strategy assessment, mergers & acquisitions, capital structures, company valuation, investment decisions, debt financing, contract negotiation, and legal issues. Passion for financial modelling and analyzing the output. Sparring partner of management, with a strong focus on the translation of finance to business. Strong negotiation skills to achieve optimal results. Experienced to act in a dynamic environment, thereby maintaining overview.

In the mean time I have invested myself in 3 private equity funds and also hold 2 direct investments, one in fashion and one in pet clinics. Also, as a hobby I like to trade on the stock exchange. My dad, Aris Wateler, has been the founder of Parcom Capital and teached me from a young age how to look at investment decisions. I often use him as my sparring partner.

References are available upon request.

A detailed resume is available on her LinkedIn profile.